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In this State-of-the-Web era, a picture is worth a million words.

It must be close to a million-to-one ration of words to images glanced at for an instant or longer on the World Wide Web.

Because most Internet page views last about a second, it helps to have something to look at that is interesting enough to stop Web surfers on your page; a high impact image that is related to the business on some level, or in some way artistic or interesting.

The right photo, can define a business brand that will last for generations. A supporting portfolio/gallery of large, quality images positions a company.

The above photo was used for the home page and all print collateral of a fourth generation custom home builder:

Website Design:

commercial photography for branding & web design




Postal Mailer Design:

commercial photography for branding & marketing collateral




Pocket Folder Design:

commercial photography for branding & marketing collateral



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