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"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
~ Ansel Adams

I like to make pictures too... fine art landscapes inspired by Ansel Adams; nature pictures inspired by National Geographic; photos of homes and buildings of architectural interest inspired by Architectural Digest.

The experience I have gained from these photographic subjects have lent themselves very well to "business" photography; commercial photography that captures the same sense of esthetics and style for pictures intended to illustrate or promote products and services from corporate to retail to construction to restaurant businesses.

Juried Art Gallery Exhibit: Art Of The Blues

Juried Art Gallery Exhibit:
Art Of The Blues

They asked to use"The Color Of Blues"

As a branding and marketing consultant (in conjunction with commercial photography), I can see an individual business persona unique to every client. Whether developing a new brand or providing new photos to contribute to an existing brand or marketing plan, every picture tells its own story. In total, these chapters form a visual experience that is often more important than the accompanying written text.

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.
~ Ansel Adams

While trekking through the wilderness with twenty pounds of camera gear is my favorite pastime, I am a commercial and editorial photography service provider for corporate clients and the Small Business Market.

Clients can preview images live, right on my camera's large LCD screen. With the ability to shoot under any conditions, your photography needs can be met no matter what the situation calls for.

I have shot most forms of photography for my business clients, going to great lengths to get the right shot including elevated views from a truck "lift" to even higher aerials from a helicopter. There is nowhere on this earth that I would not travel to for a chance at special photo ops.

I'm available on short notice for short term or extended assignments (I recently returned from a two month gig in India).

Additionally, post-production work is available for all of your images, including those that you shot or collected over the decades. Give me a lifetime of photos, and I will return a special collection of family mementos in digital form and prints (or photo books).

This service offers fantastic possibilities for a family business with generations of images that can help brand a company.

"Chance favors the prepared mind."
~ Louis Pasteur

The results from anticipating something, the effects of lighting, a facial expression, a pending event, an action or reaction can all transform a simple picture into a frameable fine art photograph or image that will represent a lasting brand.
















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